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TERMES ET CONDITIONS D'UTILIZACION A. Any MEMBER or USER accepts without any reservation, the contents of the present terms and conditions of use. B. The purpose of BQUARTO is to establish a bridge between those who have Rooms or Apartments for rent or share and those who seek accommodation. C. Any registered USER in BQUARTO is designated by MEMBER. D. The MEMBER OF BQUARTO commits to submitting true and exact information about him/herself in the available registration form. E. The MEMBER OF BQUARTO commits to not posting in his/her ad information or images: E.1. which attack the rights of intellectual property, industrial property, business and contractual secrets, among others. E.2. which reveal illegal purposes or which directly or indirectly attack the values and dignities of the human person, in conformity with the national and international rules of Human Rights protection. E.3. which attack BQUARTO or any third party. F. The MEMBER or USER commits to using the services and contents which are made available to him/her by BQUARTO to abiding to the Law, on good will and maintaining the public order by his/her behavior on the Internet. G. As a MEMBER of BQUARTO he/she expressly consents to the storing, communication and interconnection of his/her data. H. Any MEMBER has access to the information, updating and removal of his/her data, stored and processed by BQUARTO. I. BQUARTO does not share data with other companies. J. BQUARTO reserves the right to reject any ad, modifying its content or eliminating it if the same is inappropriate or misplaced. K. Any MEMBER will be excluded if it becomes evident his/her Ad is a fraud, without reason or if he/she reveals the pretension of harassing or deceiving our users or staff. L. BQUARTO reserves the right to exclude, at any moment or in any circumstance, and without the need for any previous warning, MEMBERS which do not comply with, totally or partially, any of these conditions of use. M. The MEMBER excluded due to the motives indicated shall not be accepted back and shall not be granted any form compensation. O. PLUSMEMBER, this is a MEMBER/AD which has subscribed, has access to the contacts of all the other MEMBERS and has the right to have his/her contacts visible in the corresponding district. P. If the subscribing ad (PLUSMEMBER) is ELIMINATED, its author loses the rights to the subscription, as well as its reposition in a second ad. Q. BASICMEMBER designates a MEMBER who has not subscribed and who has the access to the contacts of all the PlusMembers in the corresponding district. R. BQUARTO does not refund active subscriptions or those which are still to be activated. S. BQUARTO does not work as a real estate agency nor does it act as a representative or manager of any ad or MEMBER. T. BQUARTO can not be held responsible for the individual or financial conducts of its MEMBERS. U. BQUARTO can not guarantee that its MEMBERS are able to pay the demanded amounts or that such room or apartment is available. V. BQUARTO can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from misjudged choices, the behavior of its MEMBERS or any other. X. BQUARTO does not offer any form of warranty for the presented ads nor can it be held responsible for errors or omissions in the same. W. As for what concerns the functioning of its WebPages, BQUARTO can not guarantee continuous availability or access, as well as the inexistence of technical problems or any other of a different nature, it can not, as a consequence, be held responsible for any damage or prejudice that may derive from the same. Z. BQUARTO includes in its contents links to websites belonging to the third parties. BQUARTO can not be held responsible for the contents in those third party websites or any mention from those to this website. AA. BQUARTO does not concede any form of user license or permit of its intellectual and industrial property rights or of any other form of property or rights related to BQUARTO, its services and contents. BB. BQUARTO is the owner of all the rights concerning suggestions, ideas, commentaries and concepts of any kind, having the right to use them unrestrictively without the need for any compensation to its authors. CC. The present terms and conditions may be subject to change without any previous warning, being it the responsibility of the MEMBER or USER to regularly inform him/herself about the same. For an effective control of the recent changes, this document includes the date of the last update. DD. BQUARTO CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE OR PREJUDICE OF ANY NATURE RESULTING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECLTY FROM ITS USE. EE. Any violation of the points indicated may give rise to extrajudicial procedures, or judicial of civil and/or criminal nature. FF. All the issues arising from the providing of services by BQUARTO, its contents and any breach of these clauses shall be of the competence of Chaves District Court, while any other is expressly rejected. Last Updated: 07/04/2017
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